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Our Services

Rapid Digitizing® provides same day embroidery digitizing to companies in the embroidery industry, promotional product industry, apparel industry, and to embroidery hobbyists.  Being located in the United States, unlike many competitors, it allows us to provide excellent communication when working with our customers.  Additionally, we use the latest technology platforms, including design management portals available to our medium volume and high volume customers.  

Our quality of digitizing is excellent while meeting industry demands with same day digitizing. Every design order includes unlimited stitches, same day service, and editing.  Most importantly, every embroidery design is digitized by hand by an expert designer.  We also use digitizing software that is the best in the industry.

Our customers include large commercial embroidery shops and contractors, large and mid-size promotional companies, retail embroidery shops, companies in the apparel industry, fashion designers, and embroidery hobbyists.  Our digitized embroidery files are able to support nearly all major embroidery machines, as we can provide nearly all formats standard in the industry.

Up to 5 x 5" Design

$ 13 per design
  • Embroidery digitizing of a design size up to 5x5".  Includes: Unlimited Stitches, Next Day Service, and Free Edits.
  • 1 Day Digitizing Service

Up to 15 x 15" Design

$ 40 per design
  • Embroidery digitizing of a design size up to 15 x 15". Includes: Unlimited Stitches, Next Day Service, and Free Edits.
  • 1 Day Digitizing Service

Commercial Volume

The following services are available depending on the monthly volume demands of your company.


Small Volume

Our small volume customers include embroidery hobbyists, home craft groups, and individuals.  You will have access to our online artwork and editing submission form for placing your order seamlessly.  Of course, all orders include unlimited stitches and free editing.


High Volume Commercial Clients

As a high volume customer, you will receive access to the Client Design Management Portal, and you can easily email us artwork for digitizing. We automatially bill your card saved on file. The orders can be submitted seamlessly by your employees in charge of ordering digitizing.  You must order at least 25 designs per month to have a client account.  Contact us at to set-up an account with us.
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  1. LOW FLAT RATE PRICING - regardless of if you are a large embroidery contractor or a hobbyist, our prices are all the same flat rates.  Every design ordered always includes unlimited stitches, 1 day service, and free editing.
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - Our ordering process is simple.  The customer does not need to worry about unknown costs for digitizing a design since every design is already priced on a flat rate based on the size of the design.  This allows for a quick and easy ordering process, all done onlilne.
  3. INDUSTRY PROVIDER  - We are a major source and provider of embroidery digitizing to many companies in the embroidery industry.  Our services are talored to the demands of companies in the embroidery industry.  For high volume companies, we provide design management and specilized billing.  We also provide excellent streamflow for mid-sized companies with mid-range volume demands of digitizing.

Excellent Digitizing Quality and fast service is important at Rapid Digitizing®.  When keeping up with customer demands, we still make sure to keep quality at its best.  This is done while providing fast 2 day service.  You may view our past work in our portfolio


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Our Affiliations

The following are both organizations we are members of, and also lists the digitizing software we us

Industry Demands

Rapid Digitizing® is able to meet industry demands of digitizing for large to mid-size companies.  Our design flow is simple and fast.

Mobile Friendly

Our site is mobile and tablet friendly for you to easily place an order online.  If you are a high volume company, please contact for specilized billing and ordering.

Unique Styles

Our company is unique by utilizing technology to streamline the embroidery digitizing ordering process online.  


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